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All the paintings in this collection have been inspired by my garden in Cheshire.


The colour, light and forms within it  constantly change providing an endless source of ideas for me to work from.  My aim is not to faithfully copy the individual flower and plant shapes, in fact I often make a conscious effort to not do this, but to use their colours and growth habits as a basis for a painting.


What interests me most is the energy and exuberance of a slightly disordered border, where plants intertwine and compete for light and space, self-setting to create unexpected combinations and contrasts.


I work mainly in watercolour because I love the transparency of the colours which can be layered over each other to create endless variations in hue and tone.


I hope, when you look at these paintings, you are able to share some of my wonder and joy in the beauty of that space we call a garden.

If interested in any of the above paintings, please use my contact page to get in touch.

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