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I live and work in Tarporley, a village about 10miles from Chester, and most of the paintings in this collection are influenced by the local landscape, particularly the area covered by the once royal forest of Delamere and the extensive mid-Cheshire ridge which forms part of the Sandstone Trail.


When you visit these places there is a powerful sense of history stretching back beyond Roman times and it is still possible to see ancient land formations and field systems. From high vantage points, you can see the sweeping undulations of the land and imagine the immense glacial movements that formed them.  It is the drama of these landscapes, their vastness, and openness that attracts me and that I want to capture in my paintings.


The paintings' titles refer to actual places but my aim is not to recreate the view but to convey something of the emotional response they evoke in me. 

If interested in any of the above paintings, please use my contact page to get in touch.

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